Is this an Mpreg roleplay?


We honestly never thought about that, but concerning us admins, we’re okay with that idea.


With a heavy heart, I have to release Seth. It has been fun playing him, but with Cody gone…


But have no fear, Damien’s still around!


Unfortunately it has got to the stage where I (Jade) have decided to leave the roleplay. You have all been incredible and I love you all so much, I’ve met some amazing people on here and I’ll never forget any of you. There’s many reasons why I have decided to leave but please don’t think it’s any of your faults, because I can promise you it’s not. We’ve built this RP up when it was torn down to nothing and I’m so proud of all of you, and you’ll do just fine without me. 

If you wish to contact me; 

skype; dashing—cody

I will be on there almost all the time so that’s where you need to contact me if you so wish. Roleplaying with you all has been incredible and I hope that the RP continues to grow once more in the future and become great like it once was. This isn’t saying I won’t ever return because I hope that one day I will, and I’ll RP with you all again. I hand the roleplay over to Sarah and Nici, the remaining admins.

But that time isn’t now and on that note, please unfollow Cody Rhodes;


Welcome to WWE Roleplay, an active Wrestling RP. Join us and experience what goes on behind the scenes; the things the cameras don’t pick up on and what the audience never finds out. The Superstars and Divas aren’t what you’d expect them to be; witness how they act around one another and most importantly, what defines them.

The cameras stop rolling, but the show goes on.

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Kelly Kelly has been released.

Please unfollow her:

She is now free for anyone to play. 

Hey I probably won't be able to get on for the next couple of days, just thought I'd say :)

Thank you for telling us! That’s perfectly okay and I hope everything’s okay with you. 

CM Punk has been released.

Please Unfollow:

He is now free for anyone to play. 

Attention Everyone!

With the sad departure of Katt, I (Sarah) the remaining admin would like to welcome the new admin team!
Please welcome our two new admins:

Jade:Our lovely Cody Rhodes!

Nici: Our wonderful Damien Sandow & Seth Rollins!

And as always you can find me (lazy as hell) Admin Sarah on either the Drew McIntyre or Mason Ryan account!

Eve and Kaitlyn have been released

Please unfollow


It is with a heavy heart that I (Katt) am leaving this RP. I love you all, so much, and I am so proud of this group for surviving all that it has and remaining strong. But I can’t give this group the dedication it deserves right now, not with my personal life in such a completely horrible state. I’m going through a lot right now, and have been for a long time, and ultimately I need to make fixing my real life a priority, which would not leave me adequate time nor energy to RP.

Thank you all for the amazing memories, and I hope maybe I can come back someday in the future when things are less messed up. Until then I leave you in Sarah’s more than capable hands, and I wish you all the very best. You all have my Skype, please feel free to use that, or get in contact on my personal blog (voicesofthevoiceless).

And on that note…Please unfollow Lita.